Uup Agreement

This is the agreement that was reached to represent the contract between the New York State Executive Branch (Governor`s Office) and United Professions University (UUP) for the period 2016-2022. The State recognizes UUP as an exclusive representative for collective bargaining and negotiations regarding wages, wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment for workers in positions at the State Professional Services Negotiating Unit. The union also negotiates agreements with the state on evaluation and promotion procedures, including the agreement between the university and the UUP on a system for evaluating and promoting professional agents. The union studies many aspects of our professional lives and recommends improvements, attempts to solve problems, address injustices and ensure that all members have an adequate right of procedure. The union, on behalf of SUNY and all public education, defends state legislators and other elected representatives. Mobilizing members and recruiting new members. Learn how to participate Click here to download the UUP Benefit Trust Fund Fund Scholarship Program form for NYSHIP Option Transfer Information Availability – Date TBD Represented by United University Professions (UUP), the State University Services Negotiating Unit is made up of teachers and non-pedagogical staff in the New York University System (SUNY). “If you want job security and you want to make sure that other people get protection and a living wage, you would be in a very different position if you weren`t unionized.” Benefits negotiated by the UUP and other provisions for part-time workers – academics and professionals with a work obligation of less than 100% in full-time equivalent (RDT) are highlighted. Click here for more information Fast Facts: 2019 Salary Compression Analysis and Distribution – November 2019 Read the 2016-2022 State/UUP Tentative Agreement – Contract Highlights Flex Spending Open Enrollment Period – November 2-30, 2020 “When people understand that we are the union, we all feel together, and I think it`s really powerful.” ACCORD Between NEW YORK STATE and UNITED UNIVERSITY PROFESSION This guide outlines options for meeting the needs of family vacations and identifies programs and services that can help professionals and academics balance work and family life.