Xfinity No Term Agreement

The cost of the Xfinity Internet starts with the introductory price, plus taxes and fees. If you decide to rent Xfinity equipment, it will add $14 to your monthly fee. And if you don`t opt for a maturity agreement, it can increase the cost of $10/mo. depending on where you are and planning what you choose. G. Respect for rights. Nothing in this agreement should be construed as limiting our rights and remedies by law or equity. In the event of termination of this agreement, we and our agents have the right to delete all your data, files, e-mail messages or other information stored on our servers or suppliers. In addition, you may lose your account username and all email addresses, IP and web space as well as voicemail.

If you terminate Voice without bringing your voice service and phone number to another service provider, you lose the phone number. We are not responsible for the loss of this data, names, addresses or numbers. Unrea recommended configurations: Customer devices that do not meet our minimum technical or technical specifications are an “unreased configuration,” including, but not limited, modems that we do not currently certify as compatible with the Internet or Voice; Customer equipment, including, but not limited, to: certain brands or models of alarm and security systems or devices, certain medical monitoring devices, emergency alarms and personal emergency devices, some fax machines and some dial-up modems, telephone handsets, pulsed telephone handsets, PBX (Private Branch Exchange) devices, responders and dial-up identification units. We reserve the right to refuse support for services and/or terminate the service if you use an unreased configuration. NEITHER WE NOR ANY OF OUR AFFILIATES, SUPPLIERS OR AGENTS WARRANTS THAT A NON-RECOMMENDED CONFIGURATION WILL ENABLE YOU TO SUCCESSFULLY INSTALL, ACCESS, OPERATE OR USE THE SERVICE (S). YOU RECOGNIZE THAT INSTALLING, ACCESSING, OPERATING OR USING AN UNREASED CONFIGURATION CAN PROVIDE CUSTOMER EQUIPMENT TO FAIL TO OPERATE OR CAUSE DAMAGE TO CUSTOMER EQUIPMENT, YOU, YOUR PREMISES OR XFINITY EQUIPMENT. NEITHER WE NOR ANY OF OUR AFFILIATES, SUPPLIERS OR AGENTS SHALL HAVE ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR ANY SUCH FAILURE OR DAMAGE. For minimum-term agreements. If you have agreed to a minimum term agreement, your service price will be indicated for the duration of the minimum duration agreement. a.

Full agreement. This agreement and any other document included by reference constitute the complete agreement and agreement between you and us with respect to the purpose of this Agreement and replace all previous written or oral agreements.